Arthur Nieklaassen Academy

About the Course Founder:
Arthur Nieklaassen has vast experience in Risk Management and Para-Legal matters. He has more than 25 years experience in advising and assisting consumers of the years to manage their finances, clear their salaries from un-procedural deductions from collectors. In other words to remove Garnishee Orders from consumers`salaries.
He also assisted thousands of consumers and or companies to remove their names from the credit bureaus successfully, Those who had default listing trace alerts and judgments he restored those credit profiles successfully. Arthur the Consumer Slave, prevented thousand of houses, vehicles and other movables assets being remove/repossess from consumers. He conducted rehabilitation processes for consumer after debt review, even those consumers who were sequestrated. What is so surprising he removed and force Google and most search engines to take-down bad content on the internet.
“Arthur Nieklaassen at Work,” has been conducting consumers education since 2006, what Arthur is doing is the first of its kind in the whole world.  His line of duty insofar as educating consumers are concerned (booklets, audios, CD & video,) The aim of these products (short courses) are to empower the working class and the low-income section of the population who have no idea of legal processes or their rights when stormed and ambushed by harsh debt collectors and credit providers. Through these products (short courses) and the information contained herein the law will become more accessible to the man on the street. these products will also help the laymen on the street to exercise their rights more effectively without the intervention of expensive lawyers. If you want to be your own lawyer-these are definitely the products for you!
All you need to do, subscribe to our course list for R 1 per month in other words you pay R 12 per annum/year and can enjoy all these product for absolutely free. This is an opportunity for a life time, R 12 per year to empower yourself is A marvelous thing to do? let me guess, many consumers spend R 12 on airtime within 1 minute finish. You have undoubtedly heard everything by now in the way of promises and premiums. I will not try to top any of them. Nor will I insult your intelligence.
Act now, pay your R 12 for the year and download your fist Short Course in Debt Collecting here:


Author: Arthur Nieklaassen Academy

My love and passion to help other is my life

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